Argall family Worldwide

Argall Family Worldwide

http://localhost/argallonline/images/home_coatarms.jpgBasically, all ARGALLs worldwide are related to each other!

This site is offered as a definitive history of the Argall Families worldwide. In it, you will find a global family tree since over 40 years of research has shown that most people who are born with the ARGALL surname are related to each other. It is estimated that over 97% of persons with the ARGALL name have been collected and they are all listed here.

There are also many non–Argall surnames on this site; these are largely confined to those who married into the Argall families. There are some details of parents, and sometime children, where this has served to confirm (by family reconstruction) the families. However, non–Argall descendants are not followed – that is too big a task! Nevertheless, I have used the technique of family reconstruction extensively in many of the non–Argall families contained in this study; this has enabled me to strengthen the understanding of how the many families had developed. This family reconstruction has revealed just how much the Cornish families stuck together, both inside and outside of Cornwall, by several inter-marrying into the same families.

Information Displayed

Events occurring in the UK before 1837 come from a number of different sources including Parish and family records; those occurring since 1837 are largely supported by publicly–available civil information (E.g. Birth, Marriage and Death certificates of which I have several hundred). Census information and Will transcriptions support these in turn. Events occurring outside the UK are sourced from numerous family members, and public authorities, who have provided the information and to whom I am greatly indebted. Where such information is not yet known, the search will return blank.   If you find this is the case, and you can add any detail, you are invited to ‘contact us’ so to tell us so that this can be incorporated in our common family history database. Work on researching these families continues at all times, so the detail being displayed will be updated frequently as more information comes to light or situations are clarified; please, therefore, check back often.

As a general rule, the older the record the less accurate it could be. This will be especially true of Cornish 15th and 16th century records because of the varied spelling of names and the paucity of some records. Whilst, in general, parish recording began around 1536, early records were often kept on loose-leaved paper; as a result much of these early records were lost.   It was only in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, that regulations were introduced to record on parchment in a bound book.  Even then many of the records have been subsequently damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately this problem has affected the confirmation of events, and so some detail is based upon my interpretation from the best possible evidence.

Restrictions on Information Displayed

Birth, Marriages and Personal Information

For reasons of privacy, birth and marriage dates of those persons that might still be alive will be blank.   In these instances, you will not find any related personal information (such as census, parish register detail) here for those individuals.   If such suppressed information is required for your immediate family, please use the contact us link to ask.

Death Dates and related Personal Information

If a death date (actual or estimated) is known, then the restrictions on dates and personal information will be removed, and you will be able to see all that is recorded.

The database is maintained for the benefit of the entire ARGALL families worldwide. Members of these families or descendants of these ARGALL families may request additional information from this database, as necessary, by contacting me.   Similarly, any comment or corrections I should be made aware of should be sent to me through the Contacts facility on the site; these will then be included in the next update to the website information.


This One–name Study of the ARGALL family has revealed a worldwide family approximately some 1000 strong today, which is wholly Cornish and Celtic in its origins. There are a number of non–related ARGALL names, largely in the United States, which come from the adoption of English forms of Latin and middle–European names.

Like the rest of the people in Cornwall, the ARGALLs have had their trials and tribulations; their successes and disappointments. One thing is for certain though: the relative rarity of the surname, coupled with a great deal of documentary evidence, has been sufficient to allow the gathering of a great many references. The outcome has shown that that, with a very few exceptions, all ARGALLs who were born with the name are related to each other; their origins are proved to lie in Madron, Cornwall and almost certainly with their forebears coming from the Mabe/Budock area (near modern Falmouth) and the late Iron Age Celtic settlements on the banks of the Helford River which appeared from the mass-migration of celtic tribes along the Atlantic seaboard of (what is now) continental Europe.

All the ARGALLs worldwide are truly a Cornish family related!






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