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The Argall Family in Ireland

Philip Argall, who was born in St Agnes on 10 December 1815 to Philip and Mary Ann (Delbridge) Argall, went to Ireland in about 1845 to mine in various areas. He married Sarah McCullum in County Down, and raised a family both there and in County Wicklow.

Although he moved around Ireland a great deal, he remained at the Cronbane Mines in Avoca in County Wicklow for many years. None of his children seemed to have stayed in Ireland, but most became involved in mining elsewhere. One son, also called Philip Henry Argall became a noted mining engineer working in all parts of the world (including a spell back in Cornwall). He settled in Colorado, where he became the manager of the La Planta Smelter in Leadville. He was naturalised as an American citizen in 1889, and honoured on 8th September 1996, by the US National Mining Hall of Fame, which recognised Philip for induction into their Hall of Fame at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. He developed many new methods of treating mineral ore, and eventually became honoured as a notable American in the US National Biographical Dictionary.

His other surviving brothers moved from Ireland to England, Wales, Australia and the United States. There are now no ARGALLs living permanently in Ireland.





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