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Argall Family Development Outside The UK

In common with many other families in Cornwall, and because of the developing economic situation within the county, the ARGALL families emigrated to overseas locations in great numbers.   This mostly occurred in the 19th century but also spilled over into the 20th century.

In some cases, individuals and families moved on to other new locations: Cornwall to Canada, then onto the USA, and Cornwall to the USA then onwards to Australia, etc.   In other cases, a few families returned to England and particularly back to Cornwall after a number of years.   Moreover, the more comfortable forms of transport, such as Liners that had emerged, made this process easier; many families sailed back and forth from time to time, if only to revisit families and friends whom they had left behind.
The chief migration areas are:

Further detailed discussion of movement to, and within these areas, are given on these pages.


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