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The Argall Family in South Africa

One ARGALL family emigrated to South Africa in the early part of the 20th Century, as did several individuals. Phillip Martin Argall from St Newlyn East went to South Africa around 1910 following the failure of his marriage; he returned to Cornwall briefly in 1919 but returned with his son Francis Stanley whose first wife had tragically died three months after their wedding in 1918. Philip died in Johannesburg in 1922; Francis Stanley married twice further producing children from whom those now resident there descend.

Alfred Chester Argall was born in Truro in 1876; he married Margaret Hooper, whose mother Janet Frances Normand had moved from London and married Charles Hooper, a Farmer, in Probus, Cornwall. The younger couple married in Probus in 1902. The couple had a son Normand Chester Argall in Cornwall, but this family emigrated to South Africa in 1925.

The present ARGALL population (of around 30) in South Africa in 1996 entirely stems from these families whose descendants live mostly but not entirely in the Durban area.





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